Sopra Steria: The New In-Country Visa Application System

A new system will dominate the UK Visa applications made from the UK: Sopra Steria.

The new system will be in place starting November and offers a wide range of benefits. There will be a transition period, therefore until the end of November Applicant’s will be able to chose between the existing system and the new system. By the end of November, only the new system will be available to Applicant’s.


  • It offers an efficient, express, easy-to-use application process.

  • It offers more security when providing personal information.

  • It allows applicants to upload evidence online, therefore retaining their passports, biometric residence cards and travel documents throughout the application.

  • It offers the possibility to upload documents prior to the application, therefore speeding up the process and increasing the efficiency.

  • It offers a more flexible and on-demand application process that can be accessed from anywhere.

  • It offers more Service and Support Centres accessible customer service across.

  • It further offers an environmentally friendly solution as the applications will be based on digital submissions. 

At the end of November, 7 Visa and Citizenship Application Service Centres will be open to the public. These will be in Birmingham, Belfast, Cardiff, Croydon, London, and Manchester. For cases that require individual support in order to investigate specific evidence and review particular conditions, a specific Service Centre will open in January 2019 to review said cases at no extra cost.

The Home Office guidelines will guide applicants through their application process and indicate as to which service centre they should attend.

As well as the free services, Applicants will have the possibility to purchase further services. There will be a number of more centres available at a charge, there will be a Documents Checking Service, On-Demand VIP Service, and Next Day Appointments.

If you require assistance or wish to have further information, do not hesitate to contact an Immigration Advisor on 02036937591.