As a European national you can live, work or study freely in the UK. In addition, you are entitled to have your spouse/civil partner remain in the UK with few conditions attached.

Migrants from Europe are not governed by the UK Immigration Rules, but by the European Economic Area (Immigration) Regulations 2006. The Regulations are more lenient than the Immigration Rules in many ways, but there is still substantial documentation required. In order to remain here as an EEA national you must be exercising treaty rights, this means you must be:

  • EU Nationals;
  • Working in the UK; or
  • Self-employed in the UK; or
  • Studying in the UK and have comprehensive sickness insurance;
  • Economically self-sufficient and have comprehensive sickness insurance

If you are the partner of an EEA national and your EEA partner satisfies one of the above criteria, you can make an application to remain in the UK; this is called a Residence Card application and entitles you to 5 years residence in the UK.

Applications can take up to 6 months to be considered by the Home Office. At Quantum Immigration Solicitors, we ensure everything is done to obtain a positive result as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our specialised EEA lawyers will take you through your application and give advice on important documentation so that you are fully aware of the next steps.