If you would like a decision on your visa application to be made on the same day, Quantum Law Associates will make and prepare a premium application at the Home Office on your behalf.  This is otherwise known as a PEO or same day appointment.

In order to use the premium service you must reside in the UK lawfully.

The premium service is available to those wishing to extend their leave or apply or to settle permanently.  However there are a number of exemptions, meaning you should check with us to see if you are eligible before proceeding with this service.

We have considerable experience in making same day applications at the Home Office and will ensure you are fully prepared before embarking on this route.  The Home Office will make a decision on the same day unless there are reasons preventing them from doing this.  Such reasons could include technical problems, or a particular complexity in your case which means it is difficult to make a decision quickly.  


There is a fee of £400 plus the standard application fee for this service, for more information on Home Office fees please call and speak to one of our expert advisors.


In order to utilise this service you cannot be in the UK unlawfully.  There are also some other categories that can’t apply, including those applying under the Tier 1 investor and entrepreneur route.  For those applying under the Tier 1 high net worth individual route there is the ‘super premium’ service available.

Our Services

  • Full assessment of your eligibility with one of our leading lawyers

  • Evaluation of the fee you and your family will need to pay to the Home Office

  • Booking appointments on behalf of you and your dependents according to your requirements

  • Rearranging appointment times if necessary

  • Attendance at the Home Office on the day of the appointment with one of our legal advisors, ensuring you are supported should any questions arise

  • Comprehensive application preparation, including a detailed legal covering letter