Quantum Immigration Solicitors are able to assist with your entrepreneur visa extension. Our entrepreneur visa extension specialists have years of experience with:

  • Renewals
  • Reviews
  • Re-Applications
  • Appeals
  • Preparation, e.g. for interviews

It's important to ensure that you are in a position to demonstrate that you have fulfilled the requirements set out in the terms of your visa - and of course, have the required documentation where necessary (we can advise on this). Usually an entrepreneur visa extension lasts two years - although this may vary.

In order to successfully get an extension, the Home Office generally like to see:

  • Where the original £200,00 has been invested, e.g. a new company, an existing company, etc.
  • Has the said company employed at least two additional staff
  • If the applicant was registered as a director within six months of getting the initial visa
  • If the applicant is still currently registered as a director of the company

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