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Our immigration have extensive expertise in assisting clients wanting to establish business in the UK. These clients typically fall into the entrepreneur category. 

The Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa permits individuals wishing to establish a business to enter and live in the UK for an initial period of 3 years, crucially, dependents of high net worth individuals can also apply to join their family member in the UK either at the same time or thereafter.  

At Quantum Immigration, we aim to provide a full management service to all clients, incorporating the two key things you require from us as entrepreneurs - business and legal analysis. We identify your needs as business people as well as advise you on the legal merits of your case, this we believe is the key to a successful relationship between clients and their lawyers.   

Each case is different and so it is vital that we go through the following stages, placing your individual needs at the heart of advice given. In summary we will: 

  • Assess whether you meet the strict criteria of the Immigration Rules, if not, our team will explore alternative options and / or plan how you can meet the requirements going forward.

  • Devise an action plan and advise on the most relevant immigration application

  • Advise on time frames and documentation

  • Advise on business options from an immigration perspective

  • Provide persuasive pieces of evidence in support of your case

Immigration Compliance Plan

  • Annual/bi annual meetings with the partners in our offices

  • Introduction to tax and business advisory partners

  • Meeting with financial advisors and banking professionals

The Requirements

The entrepreneur visa has a number of requirements, in addition to these the Home Office publishes revised guidance each year which affects and alters the documents you will need to provide. At your consultation, we will go through each of these in detail as we believe you should be fully briefed from the outset. Our experience in this area shows those that fully understand the merits of their application and the work required, have a higher success rate.

  • Access to £200,000 - Applicants must have unfettered access to these funds, which can be held in an account in the UK or internationally. Funds must be transferable to the UK and no subject to any Government restrictions. You are permitted to use third party funding. This part of the application tends to be the most complex and therefore we advise you call us on 0207 692 1845 for a more detailed discussion.

  • Maintenance - In most circumstances you will be required to demonstrate that you have held £3,310 in your personal account, or a joint account with your partner/spouse, for 90 days prior to the date of application. This figure will increase by an additional £1900 per dependent should you wish to bring family members to the UK.

  • English language - Those of you who live in a majority English speaking country will not need to provide evidence of language, however in our experience most entrepreneurs will need to complete an English language test or show evidence of a Home Office approved degree taught in English. Applicants needing to do an English test will need to pass at level 4.5.

  • Genuine Entrepreneur Test - Probably the most complex requirement, this ‘test’ is the only subjective part of the application. The genuine entrepreneur test is not a single test but an examination of the documents provided collectively. Factors you should be aware of which govern the visa decision are:

    • Personal circumstances

    • Educational/Employment background of client

    • Business you are proposing to do

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