The Tier 5 (Youth Mobility Scheme) is a visa that is only available to certain participating countries or if you have certain types of British nationality (British overseas citizenBritish overseas territories citizen or British national (overseas)). 

Our team of immigration lawyers will assess your eligibility for this visa. The main requirements are as follows: 

  • National of one of the participating countries or hold a type of British Nationality
  • Aged between 18-30 years old 
  • Have £1890 in savings (maintenance) 
  • For certain countries you will require a certificate of sponsorship (Hong Kong, republic of Korea and Taiwan) 

You will not be able to apply in this category if you have children who are living with you or who you are financially responsible for.  

If your visa is approved then you will be granted 2 years leave in the UK. There is a great deal of flexibility on this visa and you are able to live and work in the UK for the duration of your stay.   

Applicants are able to work in most jobs, enrol on courses of study and be self-employed and set up their own company (subject to certain restrictions).  

However you will not be able to work in certain professions, have access to public funds or have any dependants on this visa.  

It is important to remember that you will not be able to extend beyond the 2 years granted.  

For further assistance and if you would like to be assessed for your eligibility for this visa, please contact our immigration team.